Monday, July 5, 2010


Free agent Mike Miller opted to see the rest of his options over chasing a championship in Los Angeles.

Free agent G/F Mike Miller has said many times that he would like to play for the Los Angeles Lakers. Apparently he didn't want it that bad because he passed on the opportunity.

The Lakers are looking to revamp a lineup that includes six free agents. Kobe Bryant has been pushing management to act quickly in the offseason in order to ensure another run at a championship. So, GM Mitch Kupchak immediately targeted Miller when the free agent negotiation period began on Thursday. The Lakers slapped a 5 year, $30 million offer on the table, offering most of their mid-level exception. However, the Lakers wanted to make sure they did not get left without a dance partner in free agency so they gave Miller a short time window to accept or decline.

Miller, who made $9.8 million last season in the last year of his deal, does not want to win as bad as he implied. He did not accept the offer, opting to see what else is out there in free agency. The Lakers quickly moved on to point guard Steve Blake, who agreed to a 4 year, $16 million deal. Miller has met with the Los Angeles Clippers, Miami Heat, and New York Knicks while the Washington Wizards and Cleveland Cavaliers are also said to be interested.

Maybe Miller wants to play with his good pal Lebron James in Cleveland or maybe he wants more money. Either way, he contradicted himself and declined to step into a perfect role. His skill set would have allowed him to play three positions in the triangle offense (PG, SG, SF). Miller is a very good complimentary player but is no better than a great third option on a good team. He does not have the mentality to be a star. Any team that pays him big money will be sorely disappointed.

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