Monday, July 26, 2010


Michael Jordan returns to the game virtually in the upcoming NBA 2K11.

While Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls were dominating teams throughout the 1990s, gamers were left using a random guy named Player using #99. Jordan would later sign off on using his likeness for games that were made during his Washington Wizards days but he was not the same dominate player.

Now, Jordan is teaming up with 2K Sports and will appear, in all his Bulls dominance, in NBA 2K11. Users will get to compete in a series of "Jordan Challenges" aimed at recreating several of Jordan's greatest moments. Ten top games will be highlighted, including the "Flu Game" and the 1991 NBA Finals. Each challenge will have a number of in-game goals to reach. For example, in the "Last Shot" game, users must score at least 45 points and obtain 4 steals with Jordan as well as win the game.

2K Sports has gone to great lengths to visualize the events. All players on both the Bulls and the opposing teams will appear in the game. His Royal Airness will even do things like the famous shrug after hitting six threes in a row against the Portland Trail Blazers. Just hit six straight threes in the game and hope that your mind does not literally blow up from the awesomeness.

2K has been the best basketball game since it arrived on the Sega Dreamcast in 1999. Now, it adds a player who is mostly regarded as the greatest player of all time. NBA 2K11 hits stores on October 5th.

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