Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Lebron James has yet to decide what team he will play on next season. By choosing not to play in Cleveland, Chris Bosh delivered a message to his free agent friend.

After months of speculation, it was announced that free agent forward Chris Bosh will be joining guard Dwyane Wade as a member of the Miami Heat. Bosh drew interest from several teams but it seemed from the outset that he wanted to join Wade in Miami. An intriguing team had interest in Bosh before he made his decision: the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Reports had the Cavs and Toronto Raptors close to agreeing on a sign-and-trade deal involving Bosh. The players going to Toronto are not clear but it most likely involved F/C Anderson Varejao, guard Delonte West, and forward Jamario Moon. Only one thing stopped the potential deal from happening: Bosh did not want to play in Cleveland.

Bosh made a good decision. If James really wants to play with Bosh, he still has the opportunity to do so with the Heat. Miami certainly is a more fun place to be an NBA superstar than Cleveland. Bosh's choice shows Lebron that he might have a hard time attracting NBA talent to join him on the Cavs.

Although Cleveland has changed a lot since James first joined the team as a rookie in 2003, it lacks the appeal of the bigger markets in L.A., New York, Chicago, Miami, and the cities in Texas. If the Cavs wanted to bring in help for Lebron, they have been forced to do so via trade. Last year, free agents Trevor Ariza and Ron Artest were recruited by the Cavs before taking the same amount of money to join the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers respectively. Cleveland also failed to acquire Amare Stoudemire at the trade deadline, instead settling for Antawn Jamison.

How this effects James' choice is unclear but it should become a late factor in his decision making. If he really wants to play with marquee talent at his side, he should leave Cleveland. The world be tuning in Thursday at 6 P.M. PT to see what's next for Lebron James.

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