Friday, May 7, 2010


Former NBA star Antoine Walker is eyeing a comeback to the NBA.

According to reports, former star forward Antoine Walker hopes to return to the NBA. His old college coach Rick Pitino said he will work out with some of his players from his current job at Louisville over the next few weeks. Walker will also deliver some advice to the youngsters regarding the temptations that come with being a pro athlete.

If anyone can give advice on this, it's Walker. It was reported recently that he owes money to people in Las Vegas. He tried to make some money by playing professionally in Puerto Rico but that lasted only a few weeks.

Walker's chances of making a team are not very good but he should get respect for his effort. Even as an all-star, Toine was never in the best physical condition. His appearance on Pros vs Joes last year only showed how badly he needs to work in order to get back into playing shape. Don't expect him to be wearing an NBA jersey next season but if he does, his return will only add more entertainment next season.

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