Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Larry Johnson is reviving his old "grandmama" character to sell some sweet tea.

Hall of Fame Beverages is teaming up with former Hornets and Knicks great Larry Johnson. Apparently, the game clinching 4-point play in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Pacers is not the only thing Grandmama is famous for. According to the company website, the sweet tea is inspired by LJ's childhood in Texas and the famous character created in his series of commercials for Converse.
Larry will be introducing the Grandmama's Sweet Southern Tea in the coming months. This line of flavored teas is currently in development and will come in sweetened natural flavors reminiscent of the cool refreshment from hot summer afternoons sitting on the porch at Grandmama's house. Nobody makes iced tea the way your Grandmama makes.

Not only will you reminisce about sitting on the porch drinking tea but you will also remember fond memories of Grandmama balling with Steve Urkel on "Family Matters" and dunking in those sweet Converse in those commercials during timeouts of NBA on NBC games.

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