Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Ron Artest and Brandon Jennings recently have played with some head-turning hair styles. Here's a look at some of the greatest styles of the NBA season.

Summoning Dennis Rodman, Ron Artest dyed his hair Lakers gold and purple. The words in his head spelled out "DEFENSE" in three different languages. Not a bad message being delivered. Unfortunately, his team lost the only game in which he used this hair style. By the time the next game came around, his head was clean shaved.

Don't forget Artest's opening night hair. His barber, Boogie, cut out a Lakers logo into the back of Artest's hair. He wasn't part of the team last season so he didn't get a ring. He had to have something to stand out.

Milwaukee Bucks guard Brandon Jennings is well known for his various hair styles. Early in the season, he stuck with the Kid N Play style flat top that he wore in high school.

Jennings was in Dallas for All-Star Weekend Festivities and he had to do something special. For his participation in the the Rookie Challenge and Skills Challenge, Jennings wore his now famous "Gumby" style hair.

Most recently, Jennings has changed to an interesting customized mohawk. It is a mix between a fauxhawk and mohawk. He also left a small amount of hair over the rest of his head and has lines shaved into the sides.

He could have simply left this as mohawk but Jennings spiced it up by dying the spot down the middle red. Nice touch. Because it is so recent, no clear pictures exist at the time but these two show enough.

Well, your thoughts are always welcome. Who has the better style? Was it over the top?

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